Books on authentic costume, fashion and uniforms for the
American Civil War, Victorian, Edwardian and Great War eras.  

Authentic historic patterns and tailoring systems. 

A book on the customs and etiquette of Regency Society in 1811 London,
an Edwardian hat-making manual,
and two unusual needlework manuals. 

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"We publish primary source materials
on costume, etiquette and needlework.
We also support the study and preservation of the textiles
of native peoples of the world. In this way
we hope to help stem the tide of 'globalization'
and uniformity in the world." -- R.L.Shep  

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Authentic fashion, costume, tailoring, etiquette and more

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Published in 2013, with help from The R.L. Shep Endowment: 

"Resplendent Dress from Southeastern Europe: A History in Layers"
edited by Elizabeth Wayland Barber and Barbara Belle Sloan

Earnings from The R.L. Shep Endowment are used to support the publication of exhibition catalogs and books on textile subjects at the Fowler Museum

This book accompanied an exhibit at the UCLA Fowler Museum of Cultural History

Announcing the R.L. Shep Book Award for 2012 (awarded 2013):

"Chinese Silks"
edited by Feng Zhao and Dieter Kuhn

The R.L. Shep Book Award is administered by the Textile Society of America (see link below)

The Fifth Triennial R.L. Shep Symposium of Textiles and Dress
was held at Los Angeles County Museum of Art in January 2011 (see link below)


R.L. Shep republishes original manuals on tailoring and dressmaking from the 19th century and early 20th century.  These books are great resources for historic costumes and uniforms of the Regency, Victorian, Civil War, Great War and other periods.

We also republish primary source material on customs, etiquette, hats, corsets and needlework.  These books provide authentic material to research customs and costumes and to create accurate period environments and costumes.

Text and patterns have been in no way altered and were actually used by people in these periods. In his popular books, R.L.Shep includes articles about the period, contemporary illustrations, and glossaries of terms, to make this important material accessible and relevant to the modern reader.

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Your source for books on authentic costume, fashions and uniforms from the Civil War, Edwardian, Regency, Victorian and other eras featuring historic patterns and tailoring systems.  Books on etiquette, customs, hats, sewing and needlework.